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Erica Ross: Graphic Designer. CEO.

A 2011 graduate of Michigan State University, I put my B.A. in Advertising to good use. By day I'm a communications extraordinaire for a construction management firm in Lansing. By night I'm a graphic designer and small business owner, helping clients turn their creative dreams into reality on paper.


Why hire Why Knot Design and the Erica that goes with it?

  • Quality customer service - you'll only ever deal with me on product design and ordering. I have a trustworthy sidekick that you may see from time to time; her superpowers include spreading the word about my services with me at trade shows, helping with deliveries and keeping my books in line.

  • Dedication - I strive to make each and every one of my clients beyond happy with their finished product, putting ample time and effort into each project. 

  • Local charm - I design in Mid-Michigan and hire out 90% of my printing and paper services to local companies in the area.

  • Personal touch - Clients are involved with the design process from start to finish. I work with my clients instead of for them, making sure everything I create is with the client in mind.

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