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Custom doesn't necessarily mean more expensive!

The biggest misconception about custom design work is that it costs and arm and a leg. With Why Knot Design, that's not the case!


I'm in the business of creativity; I make a living by developing and executing unique designs that celebrate, honor and promote the event or entity they are created for. When you hire Why Knot Design, you can rest assured that your investment is being handled by a professional dedicated to your needs and project.


I provide design work at a flat charge for most projects, only charging hourly rates for some small business marketing exceptions. While my wedding packages vary greatly in both complexity and pieces, the average project costs between $300 and $700. Basic packages could cost less, pocketfolds could cost more, the pricing depends on the needs of your event and quantity of suites you order. 


To request a quote: Please contact me with your inquiry on my contact form or via email. It is helpful when inquiring about a quote to have your event date or deadline, quantity and details on hand. For more information on wedding design, please read my Wedding FAQ.


Each and every project is unique, and so is the pricing. Request a quote today before you assume you can't afford a professional!

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