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Wedding FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

One major avenue of my service is wedding suites, including invitations, save the dates, shower invitations, programs, menus, seating chart displays, thank you cards, and much more! Before hiring me, please read the following Frequently Asked Questions. Congratulations on your recent engagement, and thank you for your interest in Why Knot Design!


Where are you located?

I work out of my home in East Lansing, Michigan. I can do consultations in-person if you are local, or via phone, email or video chat, so please don’t feel that you have to limit your search of custom design work to your local area.

Where is your pricing?

The keyword in custom design is “custom.” Each project is going to vary in pricing based on design, number of pieces, complexity, timeframe, etc. Please contact me for a quote based on the number of pieces for which you will need to place an order. Custom design work doesn’t automatically mean more expensive, so request a quote first!

Where are your samples?

All of my work is completely custom, so I don’t have a set sample book for you to view. Sample books are great for inspiration, but limit creativity and customization. If you find things you like online or in magazines, feel free to send them to me after you book a consultation. I can combine, alter, design and create something you will absolutely love! Some of the projects from past clients are available in my gallery or on my Facebook page. If you’d like to see more samples of my previous work, feel free to request samples at any time.


When should I book with Why Knot Design?

I have to prioritize design projects for each client depending on his/her wedding date. You can book with me whenever you’d like, but please be aware that the design process for your project will start according to the following approximate timeframe (however, booking earlier is recommended!):


  • Save the Dates: 9-10 months prior to your Wedding Date

  • Invitations: 5-6 months prior to your Wedding Date

  • Shower Invitations: 3 months before your shower

  • Other Materials for your Ceremony or Reception: 3 months prior to your celebration


I do not want you to feel that if you book a year in advance that I’m putting your special day on the back burner; rather I want to focus on your wedding completely to ensure that you are beyond satisfied, and to do that I have to keep a strict timeframe with my current client load.


Where do I start?

The first thing you need to do is estimate how many of each product you will need to order. If you’re ordering invitations, estimate from your guest list how many invitations you’ll be needing. Etiquette to keep in mind: when building your guest list, each household will receive 1  invitation; every invitee 18 years+ will receive their own invitation and is entitled to bring a guest. Be sure to also include your parents, in-laws and the wedding party and their guests in your count. This will be essential in getting a ballpark quote for your project.


Next, feel free to look around online and in magazines. Find things that you like about different samples. I can alter, create, or combine any ideas you may have, so don’t limit yourself! I ask for samples ahead of time just to get an idea of things you like and elements you wish to incorporate to make your pieces truly unique.


I’m ready to book! Now what?

Thank you for choosing Why Knot Design! Please contact me to begin your creative project. I look forward to working with you!


Didn’t find the answer to your question?

Please email me to address your specific concerns.

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